Thank you for inquiring about Texas Boars Unlimited. ​The wild hog population is on the rise and hunting alone will not keep the numbers in check. ​We have been trapping wild hogs in Throckmorton, Stephens and Young counties for over 20 years and decided to incorporate a buyers station in Woodson, for Throckmorton County and the surrounding counties.  ​We started trapping in wheat fields were they were destroying farmer's crops.  Now they are everywhere.  We believe trapping is the only way to keep them under control.

​Due to the high fuel prices and having to drive at least 50 miles to sell our trapped hogs, we have decided to open a buying station in our area to make it more convenient for hunters and trappers in our area.  It is not feasible to drive these distances if you just have a few head.  If you have to hold them for a few days to get a few extra head to haul off that too costs money because of corn prices.  If we can cut down our fuel cost and feed cost, it will be more money in our pockets.​​
Greg Brockman